The insurance company Signal Iduna

Insurance company with over 100 years’ experience in health insurance

Signal Iduna Group | Health, life and accident insurance

SIGNAL IDUNA Group formed in 1999 by merging two companies – Signal and Iduna Nova, both with an experience of over 100 years in the field of health insurance.. Currently, Signal Iduna Group is present in Hungary, Poland and Romania. It is also present in Switzerland with its reinsurance division.

Signal Iduna Park football stadium in Germany

SIGNAL IDUNA Park is the largest football stadium in Germany and the sixth in Europe with a total capacity of 80 552 seats, of which 25,000 standing places. Signal Iduna Park is a stadium whose name was formally established following a sponsorship agreement for the period from December 2005 - until 2021, Signal Iduna Group thus receiving the rights to name the stadium.

Signal Iduna Careers | Health, life and accident insurance

Success is closer than your think! If you have the required professional experience or you are only at the beginning of your career, but you want professional development opportunities in a dynamic financial environment, we invite you to join Signal Iduna team!


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