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Signal Enterprise health insurance

As companies grow and evolve, concerns about personnel and competent human resource management, productivity, retention and workforce stability plays an increasingly important role in achieving the objectives of every organization.

In order to meet the challenges employers face regarding attracting and retaining qualified personnel, we created Signal Enterprise: an integrated health insurance group, which can be adapted according to specific needs and benefits from Signal Iduna expertise in the field of health insurance.

Signal Enterprise offers solid solutions to companies in order to improve the welfare of their employees and to focus towards increasing their productivity.

Signal Enterprise is a modular product that can be configured depending on the characteristics of different groups and sub-groups within a company. Equally, it is sized according to the financial availability of our customers and can be annually adapted in order to meet the specific needs of the client.

The modules of medical benefits available in the Signal Iduna health insurance offer are:



Our consultants are trained to perform, together with representatives of companies, a detailed evaluation of protection needs which should be covered by health insurance. All insurance offers we generate are customized depending on the demographic and geographical groups structure, risk profile and coverage needs.

We use advanced methods for calculating risk, based both on our experience and our partners and the statistics nationally available. We propose complex reporting models in order to permanently communicate transparent information about the use of health insurance and the satisfaction of our insured members.


High quality health services
Signal Enterprise provides access to a wide range of specialists and to investigations of increasingly high quality and complexity. Employees have access to health care without limits of number and value depending on the coverage provided in the contract.

Extensive network of healthcare providers nationwide
The network of over 600 partner clinics, provides employees a choice of health care provider anywhere in Romania.

Appointments service
Insured members have access to a specialized Call Center to the and telephone appointments service, online or via the Signal Care Assistant mobile application.

Direct settlement
Signal Iduna settles directly with healthcare providers in the network, the only concern of the employee being to maintain their optimal health.


Increased productivity
Properly insured employees have access to top medical services in clinics, polyclinics and private hospitals in Romania. 

Benefits for both employee and employer
According to the Tax Code (2016), insurance premium for health benefit from tax breaks up to the maximum of 400 Euro per year for each employee, which is fully deductible from taxes and social contribution (both in terms of income tax as well as profit tax).

Human resource support
Attractive benefit programs can be built by providing group health insurance. These programs are effective in terms of costs, recruitment, retention and motivation of the workforce. The packages can be differentiated according to parameters such as status, age or productivity.

Adaptation to the company organization chart
Our maximum flexibility level and our tools allow us to fully customize your Signal Enterprise health insurance, by adapting it to your organization structure. Thus, we can create differentiated packages depending on the status of employees in the company.

Effective management
Signal Enterprise health insurance frees management from the pressure and obligations required by employees in collective labor contracts.