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Signal Care Assistant – The dedicated mobile application for the insured persons of Signal Iduna

Bucharest, the 4th of March, 2016

Signal Care Assistant is the mobile application dedicated to Signal Iduna insured persons. It also performs an assistant role, ensuring an effective and quick communication in the relation between insured person – Signal Iduna – Medical Provider.

With the help of Signal Care Assistant, insured persons benefit from an accessible communication channel which is easy to use and readily available to every smartphone user. The user account offers to insured persons the possibility to initiate an appointment request at a medical clinic or to check a confirmed appointment from over 600 clinics of Mediqa Network.

The insured persons can also find a dedicated news section, can check their available insurance package and can initiate a call to the Call Center service which dedicated to Signal Iduna insured persons.

The menu of the app concentrates important functions in order for the insured to benefit from medical services, thus saving time and energy. In addition to the previous version, Signal Care Assistant provides an interactive network map for clinics and enables uploading files from the phone into the personal medical record.

The application can be downloaded for free and is available for Android and iOS.