Risk knowledge

Make sure you are healthy!

Risk knowledge

Signal Iduna health insurance offers are calculated by using professional methods of interpreting the morbidity factors in our statistics. Health insurance represents over 95% of the Signal Iduna’s portfolio.

The premium calculation for both our corporate clients and our insurance partners is based on statistical data from the public health system in Romania and on the experience provided by our own insured portfolio.

Basically, the original pricing model, built on the frequency of accessing health services in Romania is continuously improved through referring to portfolio data and models developed within the Signal Iduna Group and with our reinsurance partners.

Additionally, the IT system in which we store the prices of partner clinics, as well as the access data, allows us to run incidence and severity reports on various criteria, including demographic and geographic criteria. Thus, we can include in the pricing model differences based on these criteria and we can generate offers that are matched with the profile of our customers and partners.

The experience accumulated on the Romanian market, but also the access to state-of-the-art analysis systems, enable us to professionally and transparently manage the relationships with insurers which demand Signal Iduna reinsurance solutions.