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Signal Iduna insured members

This page is dedicated to the beneficiaries of a Signal Iduna insurance policy.

Signal Iduna Medical Clinics

Signal Iduna is proud of its extensive healthcare providers’ network, Mediqa Net. It consists of the most famous names on the market, with an excellent reputation in the field.

Signal Iduna Insurance Broker

Signal Iduna has a long tradition of collaboration with insurance brokers. They are particularly important in increasing the efficiency of the distribution of insurance products. We want to develop our network of insurance brokers and we constantly focus on providing the most competitive and professional value-added services.

Signal Iduna Insurers

Over 100 years’ experience in health insurance market recommends us for establish lasting partnerships with other insurers. We are always close to our partners and we offer them advice, products and our expertise in this field in order to meet the most demanding customers’ requests.