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Signal Iduna Life Insurance

Life insurance brings the optimal equilibrium between protection and investment and it may be totally customized. Life insurance is based on a wide variety of options, including life insurance for key persons and it is intended to compensate the financial impact of their loss.

The basic coverages for life insurance are:

The risks that can be attached to life insurance are:

How does life insurance work and what is its usefulness

Life insurance is designed to protect employees from financial risk if the event covered by the insurance happens. Depending on the insurance plan, the insured event may be the insured person’s death or any other event included in the life insurance contract. At group level, life insurance may include all employees of a company or part of them, according to the criteria set by the company.

Life insurance is a measure of financial protection for the families. Before closing concluding a contract of life insurance contract, the following must be taken in consideration: who will bear the cost of for repatriation, funeral, family financial support, medical bills, depending on the coverage included in the insurance contract. The employer has the opportunity to provide its employees with life insurance as a fringe benefit for the financial protection of the family members of its employees. When you have life insurance offered by the company you work for, it is good to know to what extent the insurance contract may be re-evaluated according to major events such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child or any other occurrence. In this regard, you can tailor the insurance coverage depending according on to your needs.

There are many types of life insurance which include different coverages. The most important advantages that life insurance offers: