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Health insurance

Health insurance helps you to protect yourself from high costs of medical services when health problems occur. The insurance policy is contracted by the employer, having as beneficiaries its employees. This is an agreement through which the insurer covers expenses for medical care when they are necessary for the insured member, according to the insurance plan.

Life insurance

Life insurance is a contract between the Insurer and the Insured member through which, if the insured event occurs, the first pays an amount of money to the insured member or to another beneficiary in case of death of the insured person, in exchange for an insurance premium. Depending on the insurance contract, the beneficiary is designated at the signing of the insurance contract.

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance is an insurance policy that, following an accident suffered by the insured member, paysan amount of money to the insured or beneficiary (in case of death of the insured member). In order to benefit from the insured sum an insurance premium is paid and the insured event must be included in the contract of the accident insurance. It can be said that accident insurance is a limited form of life insurance and less expensive in some cases.

Employee benefits Health Insurance Signal Iduna

Health insurance represents an essential component of the benefits package for employees. Priority for these are the ways that can support business goals, and how they can meet the needs of groups with different priorities and expectations, in the context of budget constraints within companies.