Make sure you are healthy!


How to keep your health in summer at home and in the office

Bucharest, 29th of June, 2018

Summer is the season where you can enjoy longer days, rest periods, warmth and travel. If you want to enjoy the summer and all the activities that you can do during this time, we recommend some simple tips that you integrate into your program.

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables

Because it’s the time of the year when plenty of vegetables and fruit are on the market, you can take the opportunity to eat them fresh. This way you can maintain a good level of intake for vitamins and minerals. Make a daily selection of some products and do not forget to wash them with water before consummation.

Hydrate properly

Correct hydration is important throughout the year, but even more important during summer, when it's hot outside. Before you leave the house for a few hours, , make sure you have a water supply with you. This will keep your energy level as you need, for every hour spent in the open air.

Spend as much time as possible, in the nature

Because the weather allows it much more than any other season to spend time outside, take the opportunity and opt for outdoor walks as often as possible. Book 1 hour each evening for a walk in the park or take advantage of the free days to stay longer in green areas and away from crowded cities.

Protect yourself from sun and excessive heat

The sun brings a lot of beneficial properties, but at the same time you have to make sure that you do not spend too much time in the sun and avoid heat as much as possible during the hot days. It is important to wear protection on your head and periodically apply sunscreen at regular intervals.