Business knowledge

Make sure you are healthy!

Business Knowledge

As a reinsurer, Signal Iduna can provide customized solutions for insurance companies. Our experience recommends us as the ideal partner for companies who want to develop their portfolio and be active in the health insurance market.

Product development

It can be customized according to the line of business (corporate or retail). Standard products can be developed or, on the other hand, modules that can be combined and that generate a product for corporate customers. The content of each module can be defined to suit the client's needs.

Proposals and underwriting

In outlining our proposal we will take in condideration a set of data in order to make sure that it meets the needs of the insured member.

Management of members and policy

Each insured member receives a set of documents, which also includes the insurance card. It is possible to ensure the entry or exit of members at any time during the execution of the contract (at the beginning of the month).


The network of clinics is managed by a dedicated department, which continuously works in order to develop the network by taking into consideration the quality and performance of healthcare providers.


Medical services used by insured members are recorded in the database for approval. Reimbursements are administered directly by the Claims Department.


The system automatically checks all aspects regarding coverage, rules and insured member validity. Settlement of medical services to partner clinics is easily made thanks to the pre-authorization system.


Through this service, the clients have access to information about their insurance plan and can make their appointments. It also handles customer service and the authorization of medical services.


Pricing is based on statistical data from the public health system in Romania, and the experience provided by our own insured portfolio.