Always with you!

Signal Care Assistant

Signal Care Assistant application is a personal consultant for your permanent well-being. Signal Care Assistant provides employees who have a Signal Iduna private health insurance plan with permanent access to information about their benefits package, the list of clinics in the network, active appointments, and also to their history.

The mobile application comes with a series of included benefits for insured members such as:

   Non-Stop connectivity

   Permanent access to the application's functions through an internet connection

   Quick appointments settings                                                                                           

   Appointments request directly from the application

   Interactive map                                                                                           

   Search the clinic on the available map on the application                                           

   Control over the information                                                                                             

   Log into the application based on unique codes for each insured members.                        


     You can always have us on hand. Download for free Signal Care Assistant through a QR code or by clicking on one of the icons.

                                                                                            Scaneaza QR code si descarca aplicatia