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Rules on compliance

Compliance represents corporate policies and legislative requirements and ensures a partnership based on fairness, solidarity and trust between customers, company, company management and employees.

This document sets out the basic rules regarding the conduct of every person.

At the same time, it embodies a mandatory framework for all organizational units and represents the basis of an optimal relationship with clients.

This document helps to avoid situations which may put into doubt our integrity and also makes sure that we treat risks fairly and responsibly in order to avoid prejudicing clients, the company and its employees.


We are committed to follow and respect all the laws that are applicable internally and externally to our field of activity and to respect the directives, procedures and our internal guidelines. Concerning our work we also support our clients in this respect.

We behave in an honest and fair manner concerning business matters that concern our clients and colleagues ensuring that we do so with propriety and in accordance with ethical principles. We avoid situations that may lead to conflicts between personal interests and the interests of our clients. We will also refrain from anything that could harm Signal Iduna Group.

We do not tolerate discriminatory behavior at the Signal Iduna Group.

Signal Iduna Group has implemented mandatory and consistent principles of conduct for all employees.

We do not tolerate discriminatory behavior at the Signal Iduna Group.


Our employees, distribution partners of the company as well as any other distribution partners are advised to act legally and to comply with competition laws when they contact customers.

All the employees hold mandatory professional knowledge and have the required skills and supporting documents. We demand from our employees’ consistent support and high quality service for customers. 

For clients and distribution partners we have a qualified concept of networking.

We treat the complaints and demands from our customers seriously. In this regard, appropriate services are developed which ensure a competent and qualified process in a timely manner.

For relevant processes, we have implemented quality and work standards as well as rules of conduct. These processes are monitored through key data and studies of customer satisfaction.


Security of customer data, particularly keeping the confidentiality of the data of our clients, as well as adherence to legislation on data security is the fundamental basis for the trust granted by our customers and our business partners. Confidential data is secured against unauthorized access.

We comply with requests for information received from the state / state bodies if they are covered by legislation. These cases are supervised by responsible units and departments. The same process takes place when a court of law has to carry out searches and seizures. 

In the case of public statements we make sure they are complete, fair, accurate, current and explicit. We also assure you that such statements are coordinated internally and are published through preset channels.

We do not exchange information with other market participants for which there are area applicable regulations under competition laws.


Business, clients and private interests may create conflicts that should be identified as soon as possible. We run our activities providing for Signal Iduna and its customers’ joint interests. The concerns of our customers benefit from our full attention. We make a clear distinction between customers, business and private interests in order to avoid any conflict of interest. If there is a conflict of interest we solve it with a mutual agreement. If this is not possible, then an objective and proportional decision must be made by taking into account the specific situation.

In our internal directives and rules (code of conduct of employees) we covered the following issues:

  • Receiving and offering gifts or benefits;
  • Invitations;
  • Assigning of a contract;
  • Owning more jobs and consultancy services;
  • Mandate and financial investments in foreign affairs.



We respect the provisions of the legislation on combating money laundering and other appropriate regulations. In this way, we protect our customers, employees and ourselves from any possible activities related to money laundering and terrorism financing.

We have implemented internal rules and control mechanisms in order to protect us from activities related to fraud and manipulation.


We receive privileged financial information that can provide advantages in making investment decisions. It is against the law to use this information for personal gain or for the benefit of a third person.

This includes the prohibition of closing a deal in one's own name, making a recommendation or offer information to third parties.

Employees who have access to this kind of information have signed the corresponding commitments. Independent of this, all employees are required to comply with these rules.

We have introduced appropriate and necessary measures in order to prevent market manipulation. In this way we contribute to maintaining the integrity of financial markets.


All Signal Iduna activities are planned, supervised and controlled.

We have functional risk management. We do not accept unclear risks and our asset management policy is directed towards the continuous fulfillment of our duties. 

We support and use different functions, regulations and processes. Specifically:

  • Asset management and debt;
  • Outsourcing;
  • Compliance;
  • Control;
  • Internal control system;
  • Assets management;
  • Security concepts and IT emergency;
  • Quality management;
  • Internal audit;
  • Risk manual;
  • Business goals/business plans.