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Quality policy

Signal Iduna's preoccupation for maintaining a high quality level of services and products, was achieved – among others – by implementing a Quality Management System.

In order to provide the highest standards of quality, there are strict objectives regarding it, set annually, which are implemented throughout the company and whose achievement is regularly analyzed. On this basis, the actions necessary to achieve them are determined.

We offer to our customers a professional interface and an efficient flow of information in order to identify, prevent and treat any possible non-compliance of our services.

The investment in quality and our care for the clients are embodied in: 

The efficiency of the management system and the achievement of objectives are determined through independent internal audits, after which the company's management evaluates the quality of services and allocates resources, plans and controls the continuous improvement of quality.

The entire staff is engaged in achieving the objectives and the policy regarding quality and acts in order to comply with these principles and to provide services according to the highest standard.


In order to achieve these goals, Signal Iduna implemented and continuously improves a quality management system complying with SR EN ISO 9001: 2008. The certification was conducted by RINA SIMTEX, accredited by CSIQ (Italian Federation of management system Certification Bodies - a member of the IQNet - The International Certification Network).

The certificate is available here.